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Hi there,

I am interested in knowing my chances of being granted admission into Mathematics Education PhD programs in NYU Steinhardt and Columbia Teachers' College with the following stats:

Undergraduate Work: Rutgers University, New Brunswick - 3.7 Overall GPA, Mathematics major (3.3 GPA), Psychology and Education minors

Graduate Work: Rutgers Graduate School of Education (Summer 2009-May 2011); Will receive Masters in Education (K-12 Math Ed.)

GRE Scores: 550 Verbal, 710 Quantitative, 500 Writing (Taken January 2009) -- Retake?

Past Employment: On-campus tutoring (3 years), Science/math mentoring (2 years), Pre-calculus recitation instructor (1 year), Education Peer Mentor (1 year)

Personal Stats: Bilingual (Spanish and English); Hispanic applicant; Out-of-state applicant (New Jersey)

Would you recommend any other schools with excellent PnD programs specifically in Math Education besides NYU, Columbia, and Rutgers?

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas!

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