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Would I need to contact in-person


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Last week I emailed the program to ask when I can know about funding. No reply at all.

Then I tried again today, and still no reply.

Would I need to contact in-person? Or wait until I am admitted? (I still need to finish my undergrad)


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Hi! I think a little bit of background info is required for this one :) Who did you specifically email to ask about funding? Are you accepted to the program already or not? I don't think you would need to contact anyone in person though.

Also, are you asking them specific or basic questions? I know some places can be pretty quiet until they send out acceptances. Was your question to do with scholarships and assistantship positions, or was it specific numbers?

Any background info is helpful :)

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Thanks for your reply :) I had emailed the contact person listed on my admission offer (conditional). And my question was just asking if she would be able to tell me when I can know about funding, etc. In the past, she has always responded to my other inquiries....so I wonder what's going on now  :mellow:

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