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biostat program decisions


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Hi everybody,


I'm currently deciding between Minnesota, U Penn, and UCLA for biostatistics PhD programs, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about those departments or advice for how to proceed. At this point I'm broadly interested in clinical trials, but I'm still fairly open to pursuing other areas of research so I don't want to make a decision entirely based on that, though it is definitely a factor.


I also assume some of you have similar decisions, so feel free to use this post to ask about your situations too.



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jd24 and all,


Any insight on this a year later?  I am potentially applying to those 3 (all PhD) this cycle.  I visited UPenn and loved the department already.  Dont know too much about the other two programs.  Any general tid bits would be helpful.  Also, are there any programs that you would consider similar to UPenn's?


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