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York University Fall 2015

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Hello to my fellow York (Toronto) kids!


I'm going to be starting my PhD in Art History there in the fall... not expecting to find the other applicant here as they only accept two people a year heheh, but maybe there are some other York students who'll be starting in the fall!


If so, where are you from? What did you get accepted to? :D


I'm from Montreal, did my BFA & MA here, so I'm excited to be changing locales.

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Congrats on getting into the Art History PhD programme!


Originally from Montreal, but I have been living in and around Toronto for a couple decades now. I did my BSc in Computer Science at York and now heading back to do my MA in Science and Technology Studies.

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Awesome, congrats on getting in! I'm looking forward to acclimating to the Toronto lifestyle, as I hear it's got quite a different speed from Montreal. The size of the city is a little intimidating!

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