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Chances of getting in Ryerson Journalism??


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Please help! :) 


English - 74% (redoing this semester) 
Tech Design (CyberArts) - 80% 
Art (CyberArts) - 84% 
Literature - 80% 

Midterms are about to come out, so I have a good idea of what my marks will be: 

English - 90% 
Law - 87% 
Business - 80% 
Writers Craft - 85% 

Binded Portfolio: 
Essay: Charlie Hebdo Paris 
4 school newspaper articles 
1 FIT precollege blog article 
1 photojournalism spread for my school yearbook (probably should not have included this) 

Max was 6 pieces so I stopped there 

none of the articles were reports on news tough 

I feel super crappy because on the life and journalistic experience page, I didnt distinguish between the two, so I basically just wrote them in the same list (will admissions hate me?) 
I write in cursive too so it might have looked slightly overwhelming lol 
again, will they hate me??? 

- head editor of my newspaper 
- wrote for fit precollege summer blog 
- involved in a gifted arts program (cyber arts) 
- executive photographer for the orbit (yearbook at my school) 
- involved in ambassadors club (where you help organize and plan school events) 
- do the announcements every Tuesday 
- travel to new york quite often because my dad resides there 
- worked for a youth association for academics character development and sports 
- run a fashion blog 
.... and i cant really remember anything else but i did write a little more!!! if only we got it back D: 

PLS HELP!!! im a heap of nervous energy right now and i need a little bit of insight

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