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Masters and PhD in Higher Education


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I wanted to first thank everyone on these boards as they have been extremely helpful as I'm attempting to figure out my next step.

A little about me: I received my BA from a top 40 school in the humanities one year ago. However, during my four years, the activity that truly sparked my interest was volunteering in the admissions office of my university, resulting in my current position as an admissions/financial aid counselor at a small private university. I know it is standard in the setting I am working in, but suffice to say that I feel like a used car salesman and need to get out, so I'm looking into masters programs in higher education for fall 2010.

I have always had a strong interest in research, especially in the higher education field - I was the kid growing up helping my sister pick her college when I was 12 - and these feelings have only grown since I started my career in the industry. With that in mind, I would love to ultimately get my PhD and become a faculty member at a university. However, I continually read that a doctoral degree (both EdD and PhD) in higher ed is somewhat limited in both availability of positions and use outside of an administrative role. This has made me also question the value of a masters in higher education.

Can anyone ease my mind regarding pursuing a masters in higher education, and/or the availability of positions for those holding a PhD in higher education?


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Higher education is a growing field of study. I expect there will always be faculty position openings in the field. With a doctorate in higher ed, you can apply for a faculty position as well as a better admin position at a better institution.

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