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University of Chicago Committee on International Relations vs. London School of Economics


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I've been accepted to London School of Economics and Political Science (MSc in International Relations) and University of Chicago Committee on International Relations. They're both a one-year program. I'm a US citizen so I've been told that on the one hand, it would be easier for me to network in the states and find a job. While in London, even though I would love to work there sometime in the future, it will be hard for me to network in a year. I have yet to hear from Columbia, also for international relations. I was hoping if I could hear some positives and negatives about these schools. If not, maybe if someone could help me describe the difference in completing a masters program in the US vs in the UK for a US citizen? 


Thank you!

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is either school offering you any funding? it's notoriously difficult for US students to get financial assistance in UK schools. Due to the current political climate and administration, it's also VERY difficult for US citizens to get work visas.


I'd go with Chicago. 

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