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MSW at KU, UMKC, or Park


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What are your thoughts? Any Ideas on which of these things are the most important? How important is name recognition really?


Pro/Con lists


KU Pros

  • Name recognition, extremely good program
  • Affordable (In-state tuition)
  • Classes all available on Saturday (Wouldn't interfere with work)
  • Working relationship with every social work group in town. 
  • KU Basketball (Just kidding... kind of)


KU Cons

  • Larger work load than comparable programs
  • Longer drive
  • Must pick a focus on clinical or administrative (no generalist program)
  • No grants




  • Grant packages available
  • Close by
  • Less work load (I work more than full time, this is an important factor)
  • In-state tuition


  • No name recognition
  • Classes start at 5:30pm on weekdays, making it difficult to get there after work




Park University Pros

  • Brand new program
  • Small class size (15 or less)
  • All the professors are working MSWs (No graduate or Phd Assistants as teachers)
  • Emphasis on behavioral health
  • Flexibility to work with a variety of places for practicums and accommodating
  • Private school with a low tuition (about $28800 for the whole program)

Park University Cons

  • No name recognition
  • The accreditation will not go through until next year (since the program is so new it is provisionally accredited but the CSWE says it should be accredited within the next year)
  • Classes start at 5:30pm on weekdays, making it difficult to get there after work



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