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Mailing POIs after submitting applications


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Hi Guys,

I applied to a canadian university for a thesis based masters of science Program. As part of the application requirements, I had to find a supervisor who was willing to work with me (which I did, at least thats the idea ivget from our mail exchanges). I have subsequently applied two months ago but since then we really haven't exchanged emails or research or anything noteworthy save the casual update on ny application status I send him whenever I notice a change in my status on the school's portal.

Now heres my question, Should I contact him regarding advances in my intended research area or just wait on the fringes till I am admitted then relate better on some new inventions wrt my research interest?..

I fear not communicating with him during this admission review process can portray me as being uninterested or clueless or whatever..None of which I am btw.

Plz I really need your imputs as I also found out the said POI also chairs the Admissions committee of the department.

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In Canada it is common to find someone who will supervise you ahead of time, and a big part of that is making sure your research interests are aligned. So I would recommend talking about your research a bit more because it shows you are planning ahead for grad school and will arrive prepared. That's just my opinion, though! 

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Thanks Guys,

Guess I would be sending those mails then..

I got my offer of admission yesternight and I'm super excited as my research interest is one I cant wait to pursue.

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