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Making the move to Georgetown (DC)?


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I'd love to attend Georgetown University's School for Continuing Studies in D.C., but I'm not sure how I could realistically make it happen. GU's SCS seemingly offers very few financial aid opportunities outside of federal loans, but they have the program closest related to my field of interest.


I've talked to my cousin down there about living with her, but she lives in one of the lower income areas and I don't want to be too much of a burden to her. I've thought about starting to apply to jobs down there in hopes that maybe an employer would be willing to sponsor part of my education. I'm also hoping that maybe once I'm accepted I could work as a research assistant here to help pay for my classes. But I'm not really sure how financially beneficial this opportunity is.


Is anyone familiar with Georgetown's SCS? How could I go about making the move to D.C. without much of a plan? Or could anyone provide feasible ideas on how I could make this happen?

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