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international security, transnational crime programs


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Hi All,

This is a great board. I only found it a few days ago and already I've learned so much. This is my first post.... So basically, someone on a previous thread mentioned that different schools' master's programs have different strengths and focuses and this is something that I wish I would have researched more before doing undergrad. I ended up majoring in something that was not my school's strength at all, and I feel like that hurt me later on when I was looking for jobs. Of course part of that was my fault for changing majors, but I guess that is just another reason to go to a school that is strong in many areas, if possible. So to avoid making the same mistake twice, I definitely want to do my research beforehand.

The areas of international relations that interest me most are international security (i.e. nuclear proliferation, terrorism, bioterrorism, small arms trade, etc.), transnational crime (i.e. human trafficking, drug trade--namely south and central american, I suppose small arms trade falls under here too, etc.) and international law (military humanitarian intervention, UN enforcement mechanisms, etc.). I know that SAIS is probably very strong in all of these areas, and Georgetown's MSFS as well, but what else is there? Also, for people who chose to do an MA instead of an MPA or MPP, is this usually because they are planning to go the academic route and will probably eventually obtain a PhD?

Many thanks for your insights.

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If your interests lie at the crossroads of international security, humanitarian efforts / human security, international development, and the role and force of international law in these three arenas, then I think The Fletcher School at Tufts would be right up your alley. Check them out at:


If you have any questions, please do let me know. I have a couple of friends and many other contacts who went to Fletcher for their grad studies and would be happy to share their experiences with you.


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