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How Long Does It Take for Schools to Issue 1-20 forms

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I will like to inquire about the timeframe for schools to issue 1-20 forms for their admitted international students. I received my admission package on 23rd February and I replied the offer of admission on 27th February. However, I am yet to receive the 1-20 which I must have at hand before applying for the FI Visa. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated  

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This was the timeline for me:


Accepted offer in mid-March

In April, the International Student Office contacted me with information they needed for I-20.

I responded with the information.

My form arrived via mail in mid-May.

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I received the I-20 a few days after I had confirmed my admission on the website. It normally takes the time to sign the sheet.

For Ohio State University, I accepted the offer on February 25th by email to the head of the department, I clicked the button "I accept the offer" on the website on March 2 (I submitted the documents -fellowship letter- by Feb 27), and received the I-20 on March 6th.  So basically a week.


However, I am in Mexico and all express mailing arrives the next day.

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