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Wait List and Acceptance


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I've been wait listed at my top choice (X) a few months ago, but I haven't heard back since. Meanwhile, I was accepted into one of my preferred options (Y), but the funding is very limited. Y wants me to let them know by 3/31 (it is an international school and does not follow the 4/15 principle). In X's email regarding the wait list from a few months back, it mentioned to let X know if I want to withdraw my application in case if I hear from other schools; there was no mention of where I stood in the wait list even when I inquired further


Should I email X, letting them know that I've received an acceptance but that X is still my top choice? Along with that, I'd like to ask if I could have a general timeline as to when they might know about my status since I need to make a decision earlier than the 4/15 deadline.


Is this a wise move? If so, then could some of you help me phrase it? I'm having a hard time actually writing the email as I'm unsure if it might backfire.

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I don't have an answer, but I had to write a similar email recently.  I wanted to check back in with a wait list program in order to be able to plan travel at the beginning of April.  I let them know that I understood they probably did not have any new information, but since they were my top choice and I would accept their offer, I wanted to check in before booking any tickets to visit other programs.  


I was not really looking for an answer at all but just wanted to get a sense of their vibe toward my position on the wait list.  I figured if my email got ignored or their reply was short with no room for hope, my chances were getting slimmer. Fortunately, I received a quick response with glimmers of hope subtly woven in.  I know they cannot make any kind of official reply or offer, but I am waiting another week or so to buy my plane tickets.  


I don't know if this helps.  Unfortunately, their position and our position is completely dependent on how fast the first round candidates will notify them. I think the best you can do is see if they offer any kind of hope for getting off the wait list.  Even then, it is a gamble to wait past your international school's deadline.   Good luck!

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I don't think asking could hurt, and it sounds like you will need to in this case. I would keep it simple and direct, and simply state what you have here - something along the lines of, "I am pleased to have been given a spot on the wait list, and your institution remains my top choice for graduate study. Since I have now been accepted at another program that requires notification by March 31, I was wondering whether you have any information about the status of my placement, and when I can expect to hear back? I appreciate any information you are able to give me at this time." 

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