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Northeastern Accepted Student-- Fall 2015 : Help?

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I was recently accepted into Northeastern's program but am having trouble deciding if this is really where I want to go. I am from Florida so moving up to Boston is a big deal and is quite scary. Does anyone have any insight about the program they can share with me? Is the program worth the money I would be spending as an out-of-stater? Also any suggestions of where to look for housing?


Applied: USF, UF, FSU, UCF, Penn, Northeastern, FAU


Accepted: FSU, USF, Northeastern




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I am also from Florida, so I'm not much help, but I wish I would have applied to more schools out of state. If I were you I would go. What an amazing area to spend 2  years. Especially if you actually want to go, I wouldn't let fear stop you. If you only kind of what to go.. then I would argue that staying in state is cheaper. 



Good luck!

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I visited. It was nice but too pricey for me. It's private, so in state and out of state tuition should be about the same unless I am mistaken. If you search northeastern in the search bar you can probably find a bunch of topics/comments relating to it. Also, I wouldn't let fear of moving to a different area hold me back. It's good to be practical (ie how will I acclimate to a new area given certain factors/ do I like cities?), but if it's just nerves I think you will find everyone welcoming almost any place you go as well as big adjustments to make even if you stay in state. Best of luck with your decision!

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