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Master's program in Communication


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Hey guys! I'm an international applicant, and I've been admitted to some schools. I know they're not top schools, but I'm wondering which school is the best among them.

1. Temple University - Media Studies and Production (thesis track)

2. Virginia Tech - Communication

3. University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Journalism and Electronic Media

4. University of Alabama - Telecommunication and Film

I'm considering the reputation in the U.S., reputation in the field of media, professors, and job opportunities relating media.

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I've heard of Temple, Tennessee and Alabama in the communications space. Of those, the only one I really looked at for myself was Temple; however, I'll admit that's because I'm biased due to my disdain for living in the South.


If it were me, I'd choose Temple since it's based in Philadelphia - one the U.S.'s top ten major media markets. But in your case, you may want to simply go with the one who offers you the best funding.

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