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Do We Receive Acceptance Letters?


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I have been accepted to several programs. I was notified by all by email and they stated the funding I would receive. I have been waiting two weeks to receive some kind of packet with an acceptance letter and information about the universities, but have received nothing.


Are we supposed to receive official packets or do they only send those out after we accept the offer? I don't feel comfortable making a decision until I see everything on paper. What is your experience? Have you received offers by mail?

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From the two places I've been accepted, one has been totally electronic (all funding and other information emailed as .PDF documents), and the other has been part email and part letter - and the letter said exactly the same thing as the email, haha. I haven't made a decision yet as to where I'll be going.

I understand your worry, but if you've received information regarding funding, I think it's pretty concrete, whether it's electronic or otherwise. I could be wrong; maybe some more experienced people could weigh in?

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Most of my official correspondence has come electronically.


School A: I received a phone call from the grad chair and a few days later received an email notice to check my online status, and there found PDFs of the official acceptance letter (addressed to me and including a student ID number), a welcome letter from the dean, an incoming class stats sheet, and links to resources for housing, scheduling, logistical stuff. I then received a separate email outlining my financial aid package. 


School B: I was emailed a single large PDF, which contained both the notice of acceptance as well as the funding package. I was then emailed a PDF of the agenda for the visit weekend.


School C: I received an informal email from the grad chair, and then a hard-copy formal acceptance letter with information for the visit weekend. No info on funding info yet. 

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