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MS / Phd in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence - GRE 303 (146V, 157Q)


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I am interested in applying for MS/PHD in Robotics. Since last seven years, I am working in Robotics domain; have 67% aggr. in BE in CS and also 4 papers in International Conferences.


What universities should I target, or should I retake GRE?


Suggestions are welcome.




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I agree that you should retake the GRE. From what I read, GRE is generally used for two things:


1. If you have no or little experience, then you can use the GRE to make up for it. If you can score a 170Q on the exam, it tells the university that you have enough raw skills to make up for the inexperience. 


2. It's used as a cut-off. If you have decent experience, but if you score poorly on the GRE Q, it might break your overall application. 


Get a book and study the problems. Try to aim for 86%+. If you are aiming for the top 5, you probably need 92%+, but in general 86% in top 10-20 would be enough to make you a strong candidate. (For Verbal, try to get higher than 50%, you don't need anything ridiculously high)


Look at UCLA's average domestic stat: (http://www.cs.ucla.edu/academics/graduate-program/graduate-admission-frequently-asked-questions)

Domestic M.S. applicants/admittees: V: 73.3/78.2th;  Q: 84.9/87.8th;  AW: 57.9/62.2th.


Most importantly though, remember that the quality of SOP/experience/publications/recommendations will be a stronger indicator. Raise or lower your application range depending on it. 

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