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Discovered can practice privately in MA with a M.A. in School Psych!!


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I want to work in a school as a school psychologist- I will be entering either a MA/CAGS or MA/EdS program in school psych for the fall. I have been thinking how I do want that flexibility to work outside the school though, at some point (probably not right away), and have been thinking about pursuing my doctorate after this. However, I just discovered, with a Master's degree and two years as a school psychologist in Massachusetts, one can apply to become an educational psychologist and practice privately. This is great, it gives some flexibility I didn't know I had.

Thoughts on this, or experiences from those who have decided to work outside the school a little bit in this field??


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I had never heard of this before, although I had heard something about being able to be licensed in some states with just an M.A., but never learned any specifics. Anyway, I looked it up online, and you are correct. I even found the application.




I'm curious if this would mean that you would only be officially licensed as an educational psychologist in Massachusetts or if this would allow someone to practice elsewhere as well.

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