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Sciences Po PSIA/Emile-Boutmy Scholarship

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Essentially trying to figure out how competitive the scholarship is, as I won't be able to attend without it. I think I have a pretty strong application, but I really don't know what the competition is like. 



I graduated with a 3.89 GPA from McGill University (Montreal, Canada)

Spent the past year working for two different community based human rights organizations in Burma (i'm applying for the human rights stream)

At least one of my two academic references should be quite strong

I can get two very strong additional professional references



No second language

Family background - my parents are divorced, but my dad is a doctor (mom is semi employed social worker), so not sure if my dads income would rule me out? 

**Deadline for application is a week from today (I applied to some other programs in the fall but somehow this one fell through the cracks and I just became aware of it - which means I'd have to reach out to my referees with only a week for them to submit, which I'm quite hesitant to do because I think it is quite unprofessional. I also may not be able to get my moms tax returns within the next week.)


So with that being said, if I have a reasonable shot at the scholarship I will bite the bullet and reach out to my professors. But if I am totally punching below my weight with regards to the scholarship then it isn't worth me compromising my good standing with the profs and wasting money and time on the application. I have found it extremely hard to find any concrete info online about the scholarship. For documentation: if I can't get my moms tax returns, am I disqualified? How much does family background come into play? I have four siblings, two of which are in University (paid by my dad) and one of which still lives at home, so there is no money coming my way from them. Not sure how to best convey this info in my application, or what documents I will need to prove it. 


So if you have received the scholarship, I would love to know your profile so that I can see if I have a shot. Or if you got rejected, same thing. And any advice regarding the specific documents that would meet all of their requirements would be great.


And yes, I know it is ridiculous that I am doing the entire application with a week to go. Sometimes thats just the way things work out. 



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Hey -- I also applied for this scholarship too, and I also worked in Myanmar! And judging by your user name, I'm guessing there's a Vietnam tie as well (where I worked before too). Do we know each other?? Hilarious if we did!


I am most likely not attending SciencesPo and if I did, it would be a joint with Columbia SIPA. Best of luck!

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