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Communication Sciences and Disorders Graduate Interviews


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Hey Grad Cafe friends!

I have some interviews for some graduate speech-language pathology programs and I was wondering if anyone could give me interview advice for this field or even just in general. Thanks  :)


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I just completed my graduate SLP degree. I would say to make sure you are familiar with the overall content of the graduate courses required, such as fluency and dysphagia. Read 3 papers that the person interviewing you wrote (recent and from a few years ago), read abstracts from some of the recent conference presentations from faculty, and also read a few papers from other faculty in specific areas that you find interesting. Make sure you know everything about the program that is printed in the catalog or is on the website so you don't ask redundant questions. Reference the catalog in your questions, "The program curriculum states that we have to complete 3 off-campus clinic rotations. Can you please tell me the types of experiences I am likely to have during these rotations?" etc.  Know the overall steps to ASHA certification. Prepare your reasons for wanting to work in the field overall, and attend that program in particular. Do not underestimate the time you need to spend preparing for the interview. If you do your research ahead of time, are knowledgeable, and display enthusiasm regarding a professor's research, you have a better chance of being remembered. There will be far more qualified applicants than they can accept. You want to be remembered. 

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