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For those who have applied to one/both--what are your thoughts on each? What makes you lean toward one or the other (campus, location, faculty, etc)? As far as I can tell, their rankings are identical and the cost of living in the surrounding area is similar, so I'm curious what makes them distinct to you guys.

PS: As a heads up for everyone who chooses CSULA, I've started a FB Group called CSULA MSW 2017.

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I just accepted my offer to CSULA! My main motivation was their FSW program, which is the concentration I chose.


Can you please post the link for the FB page?


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I applied for both schools. I went to CSULB as an undergrad and I enjoy the campus. It is nice, green and they have a lot of resources. Of course, I live closer to the campus as well. I know people that have graduated and currently are in the MSW program. I always heard that the program in LB is good etc but I did see it was ranked the same as CSULA. However, I think more people apply there than LA probably not sure why. I got accepted into CSULA and decided to take the offer. I figured the change is good and their FSW concentration was of interest to me. I got put on the CSULB pending list so it was not a guaranteed anyway. 

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