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Stanford GSE financial aid


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Hi everyone,

I've been admitted to Stanford's POLS program within the GSE for Fall 2015. Award packages came out yesterday and I received no aid from the university which has left me feeling very conflicted. My background for the past several years has been in an international nonprofit setting where my income has been modest at best. I'm worried that taking on all this debt will not outweigh the benefits of having attended Stanford. Although I'm aware each individual case is different, I'd love it if some of you could weigh in on this issue, especially if you know someone (or are yourself!) in the same situation.


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I'm having this same battle with Harvard GSE, as a fellow international student I understand your worry about debt as it is mine also...


It's always great to jump a step up the ladder academically and hope it'll pay off in the long run and cover whatever debt you've accumulated, but I think as international students our case is a little different...Where do your job prospects lie in the future? How manageable do you think it'll be for your debt to be paid off? How comfortable are you with where you're at now, versus if you get the degree...


I also got into Vanderbilt which is a hefty sum on it's own. How I'm rationalizing it is if I get financial aid from Harvard, maybe I can take out a small(er) student loan to cover living expenses. I got no aid from Vanderbilt but have applied to scholarships based on that acceptance letter as it came in January. Now it's just a waiting game...


I haven't received word from them yet about financial aid - should be hearing back from them soon (hopefully)


Apologies for not being of more help - all I can leave you with is "I'm going though it too...".

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Hey chosundari! Thanks so much for your response. I know there are many of us in the same boat.

I am actually a US citizen living abroad. I've been living abroad for about 4 years and I've created a life for myself in my adopted country and would actually very much like to return to my current organization or perhaps to another Ed. organization in country upon graduation from the MA program. My employer would happily allow me to take a sabbatical and has said they would try to raise my salary in order to accommodate my loan payments but regardless I do not think they would be able to pay enough. After all the salaries are much lower here than in the US.

Like you I am still waiting to hear about some grant money so I guess that will be the deciding factor in my decision. If I am able to get some sort of funding I think I could swing the loan payments but with no scholarships I'm afraid it won't be realistic for me.

Happy to chat more! Thanks for the support.

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