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What is your plan for summer 2015?


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Hello everyone! 


I am a first year Sociology PhD student. For the coming summer, I have several plans but I am not sure which one to implement, and I hope to hear some advice from you. Thank you all in advance!


1, Go to summer school. Here is a nice discussion on sociology summer schools:


I am hesitating if I should go to these schools because: 1, they are expensive. 2, they last relatively short. I am not sure if such short trainings are very helpful. 3, I can study many of the subjects offered in the summer school on my own. 


2, Do summer internship. If a PhD student wants to gain some practical experience, I believe the first summer is the optimal time - no worries about qualifying exam or dissertations yet. However, I do not find many suitable internship opportunities - has anyone done summer internship during PhD study? Any recommendation of institutions that may recruit Sociology PhDs?


3, Do summer reading. Our department has posted the reading lists for different subfields. 


4, Do some data collection for my own research. 


I believe there are many other options. Please share your thoughts with everyone and give me some advice ~

Thank you a lot!!


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Thank you very much Caffeinated! :D  I am already attending a PhD program, and now I am in my second semester. 


I agree that spending extra money on training may not be necessary. 


I wish I could find an internship, but I do not feel I can get one as I am so busy as a graduate student and a TA...  :(

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The first year is really intense. My advice? Just enjoy your summer people!!!!!!

I agree! I'm getting a part-time job on a golf course and will be doing some theory readings, maybe brushing up on statistics if I'm feeling really adventurous/insecure. 

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