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I've been accepted to MSc Economics in Europe. Now, where to go?


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Hi everyone!


Considering that I would like to work in consultancy after graduation or alternatively applying for a Phd, what program is my best fit between Msc Economics at Nottingham, York, Exeter, Bath.. MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at U. of Amsterdam and QEM Erasmus Mundus? 





So far  the only 2 year program  I've been accepted to is QEM Erasmus Mundus.  


Academically speaking I'm oriented on theoretical economics specifically decision theory but I'm open to other contaminations.


Financially speaking, in terms of tuition fees, I reckon that Amsterdam one year program with 2000€ of fee would be, together with QEM (that is offering me some financial aid, though not full scholarships) the most affordable option. Still I can't say if my decision is based on the financial factor. Money is at the moment an issue but in the next few months I could afford without harm even more costly programs.



Said that, I'm waiting for LSE and Warwick Msc Economics as well as Oxford Mphil results. But I'm not confident I'll make it into these schools.



Where should I go for? Is it better for me one year in the Uk or is it  better Amsterdam or maybe try the QEM program?


Thank you folks for the help! I Desperately need some suggestions!

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