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PSIA (vs SAIS and Fletcher)


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Hi everybody,


I'm considering attending PSIA (Sciences Po) for a Master in International Energy next fall. While I like the degree's specialization, and their relatively American-style (for France) participatory teaching methods, I have nearly no "general" impression of PSIA. Is the teaching quality good? What do alumni say about it? How is their reputation in the European job market? Has anybody heard about the quality of this particular master's degree?


Also, how might PSIA compare to American programs? I was fortunate to be accepted to SAIS (Energy, Resources and Environment program) and Fletcher, and know that these schools have great reputations. Foreign Policy's rankings are SAIS #2, Fletcher #5, PSIA #21, but don't like to overweight these, especially given that American rankings tend to be US- and anglo-biased. In addition, my heart's set on getting back to Europe, Paris in particular, and at least starting my career there. Yet I don't want to make a "foolish" decision, and simply don't have enough info on PSIA. I'd also love to know if SAIS and Fletcher's international reputation is strong enough to land me a job in France immediately after graduating (I speak fluent French, but am not an EU citizen and would need work visa sponsorship). Any help with these questions would be much appreciated!




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Hey RS - 


I'm almost certainly going to PSIA in the fall, simply because I can't afford SIPA, SAIS, and SIS which accepted me. From my research, I feel like PSIA has gotten a lot better since it started a few years ago and offers a flexibility I didn't find elsewhere. Also, you have to look at the overall Sciences Po brand, which goes an extremely long way in France, and in Europe overall. My own challenge will be bringing that degree back to New York or Washington; if you want to start a career in France I think Sciences Po is the way to go.


Hope that helps,


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Thanks Rob,


It's good to hear your impression that PSIA has improved from even a few years ago. On my side, it's unclear, but this type of post that I found after posting the message above http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/16902746#Comment_16902746makes me truly hesitant. Where did you hear that PSIA had improved so much? If it's online, would you mind sharing it? Thanks again, this is truly helpful.




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