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Sending in letter of intent-then silence?


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Yay, I got into Wayne State University for advanced standing full time MSW program that begins in June. They gave me a short 14 days to decided so I went ahead and sent in my letter of intent. Then absolute silence and no one will return my messages. They indicated that I need to attend a meeting before registration and also I have to get my financial aid in order before the summer. How come all this silence after they ask me to join their school? Anyone have any advice or experience to offer me?

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I'd be curious to hear from people who have gone through this before, as well--I haven't had total silence from my school, as I had to submit a fieldwork application after sending my letter of intent, but I have had a feeling of "Ok--What now?" I assume I just have to wait to hear more details, but I've also wondered if the next time I'm going to hear from them is for financial aid, or my first orientation in July. 

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That's interesting. I haven't been in that situation either. Have you not been able to get through to anyone live on the phone? I would keep trying to reach someone by phone rather than emailing or leaving messages if it's been a significant amount of time since you've sent in your acceptance. Though it is unusual, I wouldn't worry much if it has only been a few days because you never know how busy they are or what their process is. Did you receive your offer and send your intent online or via snail mail? If it's online, I would maybe even resend or forward your initial email again to be safe just so they can verify it was in on time if they are looking back on it.


Congrats on your acceptance though! Hope it all gets cleared up soon.

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