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MSW and MSMFT(Marriage and Family Therapy) which one would have a better employment outlook for an international student?

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Hello everyone, 

I am interested in helping profession and I got admitted into both MSW and MSMFT programs from schools that are top in each programs respectively( WUSTL and Northwestern) , My goal is to secure a job and obtain the H1B visa after 2 year of study.

I am asian and bilingual so I factored that in as well. I tried find employment data for international student for social work and MFT profession but they are so hard to find.  I know for domestic graduates, looks like social worker has a broader employment market than Marriage and Family Therapist but they also earn less money.  I am thinking to use my bilingual skills and find a place where has a lot of Aisian population may help?  I am also admitted into UW for their MSW. and because the Asian population there, would it be a benefit for me?   Is anybody know if there is a lot of asian population in Chicago Area? ( I really like the MSMFT program that Northewestern offer, but worry about the future job opportunity...)


Sorry for so many questions but I feel you guys may have some insights and would like to shed lights on it? 

:)  :)  :)

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