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*This is my first time posting here so sorry if this is not the appropriate board*


Background: I applied to 5 schools, and 2 of them were tied as my top choice when I did the applications.  One of those two schools has given me a great offer (I'll call it school A) while the other school has not responded at all yet ( and this school B ).  I'm already convinced that school A is the best fit for me, but the graduate coordinator has made a seemingly strange stipulation.  The graduate coordinator offered me a TA position with a tuition waiver, but stated that I must accept or decline the offer by March 23rd.  This was odd to me because I'd heard from everywhere that I have until April 15th to make a decision.  While my mind is pretty much made up, I'd still like to hear what the other school have to say.  But this is not the main focus of discussion here.


Now: The graduate coordinator at school A now has sent me an email inviting me to an MA Open House.  The email gives a full itinerary of events and ends by saying "I look forward to meeting you all."  While I'd love to attend the Open House, 1) it is only a few days from now and 2) this school is about 850 miles from where I currently live and it is not financially feasible for me to make the trip right now.  Nowhere in the email does it say this is a required event to attend, but it seems strongly recommended.  I'm wondering what percentage of the students go to these events and how important they are.



Are you attending Open House events? Are they important?

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I was invited for a campus visit/interview for the master program I applied to. I was invited, though, before I received the admission offer. I'm not sure about your case, but for my case, the trip was fully paid by the program. (Airfare & Hotel). I talked to 5 faculty and had lunch with current students. I think it was a big factor for me when making decision since this is the only program I had 'physically' been there and got to know more about the program. 

I think in your case, the open house is not required but it would be advantageous to know how the department feels like for you before you make a decision.

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