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Columbia SSW vs. Hunter Silberman SSW


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Hello all, this is my first time posting here and I would really like some advice. I've recevied admission offers from both CSSW and Hunter's Silberman School, which I'm super happy about. However, I'm currently torn between which school to choose. I know Columbia costs a lot more, but cost of attendence isn't a huge issue for me (if I'm getting my money's worth). I plan on studying organizational management/administration, most likely working with international immigrants/refugees. I'm still not sure where I would want to work after graduation, possibly in the NYC area, possibly internationally. I've heard that Columbia's organizational program is better than Hunter's, and as a school probably carries more prestige internationally, but Hunter is just as well received in the NYC area. Does anyone here have any experience or information in this area, regarding both schools' programs, and perhaps advantages/disadvantages in international work? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jerrybear! I made an account just to respond to your question. :) I'm going to Hunter next year for Organizational Management and Leadership as part of the One Year Residency Program (working while going to school, and doing my internship with my work). I work at the International Rescue Committee and supervise the largest refugee resettlement program in NYC (although they're all rather small). We have MSW students from both Columbia and Hunter (as well as NYU), although most of them are in clinical or advanced generalist tracks. We may be taking one student from Columbia's Social Enterprise program next year. Our HQ also takes students from both programs, too, which is probably where you would end up with an organizational administration focus. Anyway, I'd be happy to talk to you more about your interests or the programs - feel free to email me at marilee. faye. johns @ gmail.com

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