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What do you guys think of my chances?


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Please evaluate my profile for the following universities for the following courses:

CMU - MSE (Master in Software Engineering)



Kelley School of Buisness, Indiana University - MIS

UPenn - CIS/MSE (MS in Engg in Computer and Information Science)

UMich Ann Arbor - MS-HCI

UCal-Berkely - MIS


Eller - MIS

UCinn - MIS

Please suggest any other good universities for MIS or CS suitable enough for my profile. My first priority is a well ranked university and then universities that provide any form of aid.

My profile is as follows:

GRE Quantitative: 780

GRE Verbal: 670

GRE Analytical/AWA: 4

TOEFL: Yet to give.

Acad. Info.: UG College: K.J Somaiya Institute of Engg and I.T

UG University: University of Mumbai, Mumbai

UG Department: Computer Science

UG Grade: 59(%)

Addn. info:

Extra Curriculars: Captain of School Cricket team U-14 and U-16

Stood first at university level debate competition

Stood Second at Intercollege fashion Show

Among the only 3 out of a team of 30 to receive a feedback as "Excellent" by Clients.(American Express)

Misc. info:

2 years of work experience with Syntel,Inc by Fall 2010 Worked on 3 projects, one of them belonging to the Information Systems Domain.(PeopleSoft HRMS, FINANCE & CRM). other two : State Street Bank and American Express as clients.

Recos : Strong. 2 from college profs/project guides and two from work. (Project manager and Team lead)

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None of us can really evaluate your chances, since grad school applications depend on so many factors, many of which are never clear to anyone who isn't on the admissions committee.

That said, I notice you listed extracurriculars. Those don't really matter at all in graduate applications, unless they are in some way related to your field of study.

Good luck with your applications!

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