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UC Berkeley vs Michigan Ann Arbor, Statistics MA


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I am now faced with a decision between UCB stat MA and UMich applied stat MA.

I am planning to apply for marketing PhD after I finish my masters,

so I hope this masters would act as a something like a bridge.


I am on a waitlist for Chicago, which is my first pick and meanwhile I need to choose between UCB and UMich.


I know that UCB has a much higher reputation in statistics,

but I have heard some negative comments about the program.

It is also a one year program and won't help me much with research experience.


On the other hand, UMich is significantly down the rankings list,

but many people say it has a strong masters program and the duration is two years.


Neither has info about alumni placements and I am stuck between the two programs.

Any help would be appreciated!

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That sounds like a pretty hard decision. My knee-jerk reaction is to pick UC-Berkeley, but I see why you're hesitant with the 1 year duration. Out of curiosity I googled UCB's MA program, and it does specifically say it is tailored for students entering industry instead of a PhD track. That said, you're probably better off with either UMich or Chicago if you want to pursue a PhD. 


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