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Are all of the UC schools in cahoots with each other?


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I applied to several UC schools, was accepted into my top choice PhD program and am 100% planning on enrolling. Yay.


However, I have been holding out out on formally accepting the admission offer for various reasons. I mostly am just curious what responses I will get from the other UC's I applied to, without their decisions being affected by the knowledge that I accepted another offer.


I have a feeling these schools would find out if I had accepted another offer within the UC system. Can anyone confirm or deny this suspicion? 


Also, if anyone has any input regarding the financial implications of this sort of situation, I started a thread about it in "The Bank" subforum:


Thanks for any insights!

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Although this thread has a slightly different focus than the first, it's essentially the same topic (as the OP also mentioned the same question in the original post). Also, I think the two topics are closely related enough that one would discuss both aspects simultaneously, so I'm going to close this thread. Please use the link in the original post, or the following link to find this discussion: 

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