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(Canadian Universities) Queen's MPA - experiences?


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Hi everyone.

I'm new to the forum. I apologize if I have made any errors with my post.

I'm considering applying to Queen's MPA later this year. I'm curious to hear about the Queen's MPA experience from current students or past students. How did you find the courses and the academic environment? How generous was the funding? Were you able to work as a TA?

I haven't had any relevant work experience in policy or public admin. My CGPA is 3.81 (on the 4.3 scale). My last 2 gpa is 3.87 (again, on the 4.3 scale). If I was admitted - does anyone know the amount of funding I could receive? Or is funding also determined by factors other than an applicant's gpa?

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i've been told that MPA students aren't offered funding unless you have an external source (SSHRC, OGS). there are no TAships, but the possibility for small RAships (2-3000) do exist. 


i'd be interested in hearing about student experiences

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