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Georgetown McCourt MPP VS. Chicago Harris MPP


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Hi everyone,


I really hope someone else can help me out this decision. I got two offers at present and they are both MPP starts in Fall 2015. One is from Georgetown with $10000 scholarship per year, and the other one is Chicago with no funding. Any people is currently in the program or has similar situations, please give me some advice.



Few questions for Chicago:


I understand that I can have at most 6 free electives. Is it mean I can choose whatever courses in other schools without any restrictions? For example, is there any quota restrictions in Booth School courses?


Do I need to finish a thesis or a capstone project? It seems Harris only require its students to take 18 courses in total so as to graduate?


Is an internship in the summer (first year) compulsory?


There are rumours that the career development office of Harris is terrible. Is it true?



For Georgetown:


1, any chances to take courses outside the McCourt School?


2, what is the percentage of students goes to exchange in their second year?




Thanks a lot,



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Hi I'd be very interested in an answer to Alex's question as well. I'm in a similar situation in that I've for funding from Chicago but have not heard anything from McCourt on funding yet. In terms of reputation where do the program's lie relative to each other? Harris and McCourt both claim to be quantitative - any idea on a comparison here?

Finally, I'm intetested in WB/IMF/ADB type roles. I understand that McCourt would have a locational advantage but any advice on that Chicago vs DC would also be very welcome.



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Alex - I would be interested to know which way you're leaning and how you perceive the two programs. I'm trying to decide between them as well and it would be good to get your perspective. Based on your research how do you rank them on different criteria.

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