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Confused with my options


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So I recently got into Cornell MENG CS program. I also got into GaTech joint BS/MS ECE program, so it will take me 1 additional year to finish the MS program. I am not certain yet whether or not I want to pursue PhD in CS. But, currently, im leaning towards PhD. Here is my option in greater details:


GaTech BS/MS ECE Program:

1) GTA rate tuition (much cheaper than at Cornell)

2) Less complexity (no need to move to Ithaca and then might have to move again after 1 year)

3) Already know professors and labs here, so should be able to do research more easily

4) Could save time if I were to pursue PhD at Tech

5) ECE, which means fewer class options (I am more into CS) 

6) 1 Year to complete

7) Will getting all degrees from one university look bad?


Cornell MENG CS Program:

0) The name "Cornell" and highly ranked CS program

1) Expensive and may have to move again after 1 year (the program is 1 year and I may have to go somewhere else for PhD)

2) CS Program (more class options)

3) Good to explore new places and people

4) Is getting a CS MENG degree an advantage because I am going to pursue PhD CS after this? I understand that MENG is designed for those who want to jump into industry right away but if i stay at Tech, my degree will be ECE.

5) Say if I do well at Cornell, will that increase my chance getting into Cornell PhD CS program?


Thank you so much :')

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