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UCSB Materials v.s. Cornell A&E Physics


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Hello everyone, I am now in a dilemma of choosing between UCSB Materials and Cornell AEP. 


Both of them are one-year-fellowship provided PhD programs (they offered similar amount of stipend). 


I appreciate any idea and advice.



< Concern 1 >

UCSB's prestige is not on par with Cornell in general but its Materials program is among the top in the US.

I have no idea how UCSB materials could make such a enormous progress in this 2 decades.

I don't know if its high evaluation was merely resulted from the Nobel Laureates. 


< Concern 2 >

I have visited both and professors in Cornell seemed to be more generous while UCSB didn't guarantee the funding after the first year.


< Concern 3 >

Cornell provides a wide range of research choices from MSE, ECE and ME departments but they don't have many opportunities in electronic structures and nano-devices as well as application. 


On the contrary, UCSB has more focused, industry-related and application-oriented researches in this area.


< Concern 4 >

The living expense in Santa Barbara is far more than that in Ithaca. 

I am wondering if the price matches the value of studying there. 


Weather is not my concern. 


How will you choose and what is your concern? 


Thanks in advance.

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