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Mech E getting into Robotics: Masters for coding/software


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I am a mechanical engineering student at The University of Texas- Austin. I am very interested in Robotics and Automation. I have taken 2 coding classes and really loved it, plus did plenty of coding in Highschool. Right now I am working on a project to build a smart phone controlled RV. Exciting for me!

I understand I do not have the correct backgroud to go into industry as a robotic engineer, at least not on the side of things I want (coding/software). I would like to go get a masters focusing on the areas I am lacking. Do you have any reccomendations on school or programs? What questions should I be asking myself and the admissions offices?


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I am on a similar situation... In my case, I hated my undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering, and just got satisfied after doing some subject in robotics. I recently applied to Kings college London and U of Birmingham. You could take a look at KCL RObotics program, which is inside the informatics dept... could be a good match for you.


Good luck!



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I'm also a MechE interested in robotics. I think your best bet is to try schools which have robotics graduate programs (I think NASA has a list if you want to google it). Usually these programs take ME, EE, and CS students. If you get into one of these you should be able to speak to your adviser to steer your degree in the coding direction. Oregon State University has recently started a robotics program that has branched off of the ME and CS departments. You might want to check it out. Some of the professors there have good connectinos.

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