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Low-GPA Sailor Looking for Master's


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As an admin of another forum, I get as excited about seeing the same question over and over again that you do, but please bear with me.


I'm a Naval Officer who has a low (below 2.3) GPA from a major state university in Political Science. It doesn't seem to matter where I get a degree, but it is very strongly encouraged (read: required) for me to get a Master's for my career progression. As a Sailor, I've done well, but it's hard to compare leadership in the Navy to classroom experiences. 


It is worth mentioning that a lot of maturation occurred when I put on the uniform. As a student, my attendance was less than stellar, and my beer pong game was outstanding. As a Sailor, I have learned discipline and responsibility, and I've proven myself time and time again.


I'm interested in a program I can do online related in some way to foreign affairs, counterterrorism, or international conflict. Obviously, I'm not looking to go broke in the process. The Navy pays me to do stuff besides get my degree, but it certainly helps that I get my degree to do bigger, better things as my career and the needs of the Navy evolve.


TL;DR—bad undergrad, good officer seeking online degree. Help.

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