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Trouble choosing between MPP programs


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Hey everyone,

So I was fortunate enough to be accepted into all the MPP (Master of Public Policy) programs I applied to, but have been facing the classic location vs. money dilemma. Here are my options

Schools A/B/C: All either in DC or right outside it near lots of jobs and internships, great curriculums with flexible hours to cater to students working and interning. All top 20 programs in my field. However, no financial aid offers with all three costing 28,000-34,000 over two years.

School D: In New Jersey, 40 minutes from NYC, top 50 program, solid curriculum, but offered me full tuition.

Do I sacrifice location and prestige for financial aid? Any advice is much appreciated!

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Where is School D located? If it's in or near another major city you might be okay as far as opportunities in your field. Also, something else for you to consider is how much debt you're willing to take on. If debt is a big deal for you, then School D is probably your best choice.

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