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IHEID MIA program - Good, Bad or Indifferent Reputation?


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I've been accepted to the MIA program at IHEID but cannot find any information about how reputable the graduate school itself is. Most of the International Affairs rankings seem to either not mention IHEID, or rank it well below American international affairs graduate schools. I am not sure whether this is because the rankings are Americentric, or because the school truly is at the lower end of the ladder. The only good reason I can see to go to it, rather than say SAIS or LSE is that it is cheap. However, more experienced friends tell me that you have to pay for quality. Do any insiders care to enlighten me as to what is going on?

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It's prestigious in the field, relatively. I mean it's an institute in Geneva out of all places...the kinds of connections you'll get will be crazy. IHEID is an interesting place...but don't expect it to be like the LSE - IHEID is an institution of its own kind, and it's relatively hard to compare to unis that are much more comprehensive.

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