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Oxford MPhil v Columbia SIPA


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I've been accepted to both Oxford for an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies and Columbia's SIPA for an MIA. Columbia gave me a fellowship that covers 1/3 the total cost as well as a research position. I know they're very different programs but Oxford seems like it will be a much more unique experience. I went to undergrad in DC and I have lived in NYC for 3 years already. 


I would like to work in policy afterwards, either consulting or political advising. I know that lends more towards SIPA but I have friends that studied islamic history at Oxford and now work in the middle east doing consulting. Any insights would be much appreciated!

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If you've already lived in NYC and feel that you could benefit from another network or place, I'd go to Oxford. How much are each of the programs, with funding factored in? I'd definitely take that into consideration. I don't know about middle east related work but as for Southeast Asia I've met both Oxford MPhil and Columbia SIPA grads and both are doing great.


Have you contacted people at both Oxford and SIPA? That'll be very helpful. I've also found LinkedIn to be helpful too; do a LinkedIn search by graduate school and see where people end up, and see if there's many that are in positions that you'd like to do. I'd also research the major thinktanks and organizations in both areas to see if there are many that match your interests. I'm not much of a help (different region and focus so being kinda general haha) but I hope these are factors that can help!

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