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Federal Loans for MS Statistics

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I was just curious if anyone has had experience with funding an MS program using federal loans?

I was looking into the MS Statistics program at Michigan and out of state tuition is over $40,000 per year not counting cost of living which they estimate at $13,000. Do they give loan amounts that high ($50,000+) for graduate school?

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I just got a financial aid package from an expensive school for Biostats - $33k in unsubsidized loans to cover the first year, which I assume would be the same for the 2nd year as well.  So can you get loans?  Yes.  But, they are unsubsidized so you will start accruing interest immediately.  Keep that in mid when making decisions! 

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I was reading how unsubsidized is typical for grad school and that PLUS loans are more common since I think the max for regular loans is around $20,000.

I just wasn't sure how high they would go to cover tuition and cost of living since I've never needed that much before.

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