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phd at Northwestern Univ or MS at Harvard?

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I am accepted to bioinformatics programs in phd at Northwestern Univ, MS at Harvard, MS at CMU. With bioinformatics, I would like to do data analysis for biotech or pharma company, even IT company if possible. With Harvard's reputation and Northwestern's funding, I feel like I am stuck here.

I am more comfortable with studying in Northwestern. Considering its funding available, I do not have to worry about financial stress that I would put on my family and myself. I have a lot of friends in Chicago. With 5 years PhD, I would learn more skills that I need to be well prepared for working in industry.

But studying in Harvard is more challenged. It is Ivy league for sure. I would probably need to work very hard to compete with my peers. I have to work in my spare time too in order to minimize the money that my parents have to spend on me. One upside of studying there is that Boston is big city for biotech companies. And Harvard's reputation will probably help me easier to find a job, will it?

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