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Western Michigan University

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Anyone else going here or know anything about the area? I'm not from Michigan but am very excited! Or does anyone know if a facebook page has been started??? 

I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am touring WMU tomorrow! I am pretty excited and am highly considering attending! If you were looking for a roommate, feel free to message me on Facebook (Allie Pagel)! Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to chat. :)

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Also from Wisconsin, and decided on WMU! Be prepared to be absolutely amazed when you tour. Their facilities, their faculty, the current students are all amazing, and you get so many opportunities there! I fell in love when I went.


I won't lie, if I get off a waitlist at a cheaper school, I might end up attending one of those because WMU is very expensive, even with in-state tuition the second year. I did have another option that was cheaper, but I toured it and it was definitely not a good fit and not a good program for me so I decided on WMU. Even if I do end up going to a cheaper school, WMU is my top choice, and my visit there made it so. It's a great program! I'm so excited to attend, and I think they produce great SLPs.


If you want to know about the area, there's a Kalamazoo thread over in the City Guide forum with some good information. I recommend checking that out OP. :)

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