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Master of Biomedical Engineering in UCLA vs Boston U


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Hi, folk!


I have a difficult time deciding between the two programs, so I write this post to gather some ideas toward a decision. 




No scholarship. However, there seems to be opportunity for TA and RA for master student according to one of my friend who is a PhD student there. And the tuition is relatively low, about 30,000/yr for international student.

There's a PI who I have great interest in but I am not sure I can get in his lab. I decide to contact him after I have accepted my offer so that it will not seem rude if I choose to attend another school.

I do not quite like big city like LA, because I am afraid the strong atmosphere for industry and business, though that means a lot of opportunities. However, I prefer places with a combination of industry and academy.

The admission office seems more friendly and happy for my attending. They answer questions promptly. 


Boston U


No scholarship. The tuition is ridiculously high. According to the admission office, Master students have limited opportunities to get the TA/RA tuition. All have been assigned at the time of decision and I did not get one. Moreover, my friend in Economics in BU told me that the funding for TA/RA is very low.

There's two PI I am interested in but not very very interested in. And I have e-mailed one of them, but never heard back.

However, I really like the city of Boston --- prestigious schools and industry hubs.  And I heard that there will be more big pharma recruiting in Boston area than LA?

The admission office never answer my question very accurately, just general answer. 


I am struggling and I hope you can give me some advices or what you have known about those schools. I need to make decision soon to contact the PI of my interest in both school. Thank you!


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