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University of Dayton M.A. in Clinical Psychology


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Leaving the fall 2015 Clinical PhD application season empty-handed, I decided to apply to Villanova University's M.S. in general/experimental psychology and the M.A. in clinical psychology at the University of Dayton.


I am thoroughly impressed with both programs' generous funding packages, quality research training, and purported outcomes for doctoral applicants. 


Without fail, Villanova is cited as one excellent path to the PhD, especially in a fully-funded scenario. However, I have seldom seen UD discussed on these message boards beyond its inclusion on lists of funded M.A. programs. Does anyone have experiences - either firsthand or indirect - attesting to the quality of UD as a preparatory program that they might be able to share with me?



VU and UD offer a limited number of full tuition remission packages in combination with competitive stipends, making them attractive to students like myself who do not deem it smart to borrow for an M.A./M.S en route to a PhD.

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