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Help! Cornell M.eng vs. CMU MS in Mechanical engineering


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Hi! I'm having a hard time deciding between Cornell M.eng and CMU MS (course-work) in Mechanical engineering and would really appreciate any advice!


They have similar ranks in Mech engineering but Cornell has a better overall rank and is more well known overall - is the overall rank important? I want to focus on robotics/design though, so maybe CMU would be the better choice? Also Pittsburgh seems like a nicer place to live than Ithaca...

As for costs, they are both expensive as hell so that doesn't help me decide.


My main concern is professional network/contacts after graduating and which school would give me a better chance for finding a job after graduation (I'm an international student). Which program/school has better reputation among big companies?  Is an M.eng degree less valuable than MS in the industry?

I'm not planning on advancing to PhD, so the fact that M.eng candidates can't apply for PhD doesn't bother me. 


Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!

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