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Help! Business School decision: LSE vs Imperial vs Kings vs Warwick


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My goal is to work in the business field and more precisely in the marketing of wearable health related technologies (Nike, FitBit, etc).


So far, these are my options:


- LSE MSc Media and Communication

- Joint Degree LSC Media and Communication & University of Southern California MSc Global Media and Communication

- King's College MSc International Marketing

- Warwick Business School MSc Business


And I have an interview soon for Imperial Business School MSc Strategic Marketing.


If accepted, where should I go to pursue a career in business internationally?


In terms of Business Schools rankings, Imperial and Warwick are well ranked. (LSE and King's aren't business schools). But in terms of prestige, LSE rules out all of them. The issue is that the program at LSE isn't business-related. It's very theoretical.

Do you think it's better to develop my critical mind/analytical skills at LSE and anything business related I could learn once I start working?



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