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Masters in Engineering Management @ Tufts Gordon Institute,Medford


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Hello all! This is my first post here ! I am an international student and I would be grateful if somebody could provide me some feedback.


I have been offered an admit at Tufts Gordon Institute for Masters in Engineering Management with a $15K scholarship. I am looking for some feedback about the Tufts reputation in general and the MSEM program's reputation. Quite honestly, I liked the coursework and the flexibility it offers. I also spoke to an alum and two present students. All of their reviews and feedback has been encouraging and positive. I am almost set on accepting the offer. Looking for more feedback before I take the plunge.


I am awaiting answers from Duke and Northwestern University for the same program. I might reconsider enrolling at Tufts if either of these offer an admit; although I would prefer Northwestern over Duke mainly because the class room will have experienced folks as compared to Duke which admits fresh under grads.


A brief back ground of mine :


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - CGPA 8.91/10

Around 2 years 7 months at GE-Transportation as Harness development engineer.


Thanks in anticipation! :)

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Since you haven't gotten any responses, I'll step in.  Hopefully, you'll hear from current students or alumni.

Anyway, I've heard mixed things about the Duke program because many of the students have minimal experience.  You consistently hear that the program is "what you make it".  Some people do quite well.  From what I hear, those without experience prior to entry don't consistently do as well (though some do).  If I were you, I'd look most closely at programs geared towards people with experience.  That positively impacts classroom discussions/dynamics.  

I don't know much about Northwestern's program, but I do know that their engineering & business reputations are quite strong.  Based upon that, they'd be my top pick.  Aren't most people in Northwestern's program part-time?  If so, that's also something to consider.  A plus for both Duke and Northwestern is that they belong to the MEMPC which is supposed to broaden your network.  If the consortium lives up to its billing, that's worth considering since the MEM is a relatively new degree that isn't well-known in all circles.  

I've known of one guy who completed Tufts' program.  He's now in an MBA program.  That's all I know about the Gordon Institute.  But, it sounds like it's a good fit for you.  Keep talking to alumni.  Ask your current contacts to connect you with their old peers.  Get as many perspectives as possible.   

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