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Worcester State Fall '15

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Hi Guys! Im considering going to Worcester state starting in the summer. Does anyone have any insight into the program or know anyone who currently attends? Thanks!

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Hey, I've some posts on here recently about Worcester that were... memorable. :unsure:


There was some conversation about their graduation rate: 


and here's some info from someone who attended an open house event: 


Lol, OP, it was me who made those posts. Sorry bindlestiff, I accidentally downvoted your post and don't know how to undo it. I deleted my post about the open house because I wrote it right afterward when I was very frustrated and it was a bit rant-y, but overall I did not get a good feeling about the program. I would be happy to go into more details over PM. I think one important thing to keep in mind that I was not aware of when I applied (it is not advertised on the website, which only says "two full years including summers") is that you wouldn't graduate until Dec. 2017, even if you enter with all prereqs completed. So you have three more semesters than most schools - the short summer 2015, then summer 2017, and fall 2017. 

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